How to solve the noise of the fish tank pump (how to solve the noise of the fish tank pump)

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How to solve the noise of fish tank pump

How to solve the noise of the fish tank pump (how to solve the noise of the fish tank pump) Blue-backed Arowana

Today, I will share with you the knowledge of how to solve the noise caused by the Fish tank pump, and the video will also explain how to solve the noise caused by the fish tank pump. If you happen to solve the problem you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to the Xianglong Fish Farm. Let's start now!

The contents of this article:

Fish tank pump buzzing vibration how to do, how to reduce the noise of the oxygen pump

Fish tankHow to solve the noise of fish tank pumpThe noise of the water pump is relatively normal, if you want to reduce its noise, you can put a soft cushion under it, which can have a damping effect, and you can also hang it up to prevent it from touching the ground, if you hang it on the wall. there should be a separate thing between the wall and the wall. In addition, it can also be properly modified to adjust the distance between the connecting rod and the electromagnet, or add some cotton filter to the sound insulation.

First, fish tank pump buzzing vibration sound how to fish tank pump vibration sound is very normal, because its principle is through the motor into the air into the water, the normal operation of the motor will naturally have vibration, as long as the vibration is within an acceptable range, don't worry too much. If the vibration is really loud, you can check the filter pump, or see if the equipment is loose in some places, if there are too many sundries inside, and so on.

How to reduce the noise of oxygen pump 1. CushionHow to solve the noise of fish tank pumpThe easiest way to reduce the noise of the oxygen pump is to put a cushion on it, which can reduce the vibration and reduce the noise. It should be noted that try not to put it in an uneven place, otherwise it will lead to increased vibration.

2, suspension: usually the oxygen pump is placed on the ground or on the table, if there are conditions, you can let it hang up, do not have contact with the ground, but also reduce vibration, thereby reducing noise. If it is hanging against the wall, it also needs another thing to avoid causing damage to the wall.

3, transformation: if the hands-on ability is relatively strong, the oxygen pump can be properly modified and the noise can be reduced at the same time. After turning on the air pump, adjust the distance between the connecting rod magnet and the electromagnet, so that you can reduce the noise. If it is the noise of the airbag, you can put on a rubber cushion. In addition, using filter cotton to stick to the sound insulation in the air pump is also very good, but it can not hinder the movement of the connecting rod.

The cause of the noise of fish tank pump and its solution

The causes and solutions of the noise caused by the fish tank pump are as follows:

1. The current of the motor is loud.

The current of the motor is loud and sounds buzzing. Professionally speaking, high-frequency current causes the core to vibrate. Some necessary current checks should be done before start-up to control the current and reduce noise.

2. the friction sound of the contact between the shaft and the pump body.

The friction sound of the contact between the shaft and the pump body, usually when working horizontally, the rotor of the pump is supported by magnetic force, and the bottom of the pump body stands against the shaft to prevent the rotor from falling back due to the reaction force of water flow, so it is inevitable that the shaft and the pump body friction. Before use, we should lengthen whether the rotation of the pump shaft is normal, add appropriate lubricating oil, and reduce the sound caused by friction.

3. The friction sound of the current and the runner.

The water flow and the friction sound of the wheel, we put the position of the pump in the fish tank where there is no silt and good water quality, so as to reduce the noise of the fish tank pump.

The above three factors are the root causes of pump noise, we can not completely eradicate the noise, but can appropriately reduce it, which is also a good help for fish in the fish tank and fish farmers. Of course, the sound made by your pump may have something to do with the quality of your fish tank pump, and the better quality will be better. If you choose high quality fish tank pump, you can choose natural good, excellent pump quality guarantee.

How to reduce the noise of fish tank filter pump?

Reduce the noise of oxygen pump in fish tank as follows:

First, reduce resonance:

1. Suspended venting pump

2. Or cushion the air pump with multiple layers of cotton pad to reduce vibration.

Second, isolation air pump:

Make the air pump isolation box, add sound insulation measures inside the box, such as soundproof cotton, or connect the air pump directly to the outside to reduce indoor noise.

1, change sand head (bubble stone): change high-temperature sintered bubble stone, buy high-quality bubble with small pores, refine bubbles, fish tank noise will be much less.

2. Choose and buy mute oxygen pumps of high-grade brands.

Extended data:

The way to mute the fish tank:

1. If it is the noise in the air pump, you can turn it on and clean it, or clean the whole pump according to the situation. When the pump removes dirt and runs normally, the noise will disappear naturally.

2. You can find a bracket to fix the pump. The fewer contact points between the bracket and the ground, the better. Put a rubber pad (sponge pad) on the landing part of the leg of the bracket, which can effectively reduce the spread of noise.

3. When the oxygen pump is working at the bottom of the cylinder, there is a buzzing sound; if it is lifted and suspended in the water, the noise will disappear. Therefore, you can find a way to hang the pump so that it doesn't touch the bottom of the cylinder.

4. If the quality of the water pump motor is not good and the noise becomes louder after the rotor is worn, you can get a new motor.

5. If the power of the motor is larger, the outlet of the exhaust pipe can be reduced a little.

6. Keep the fish tank 10 centimeters away from the wall.

7. Install sponge pads near the wall or the bottom of the fish tank.

8. If the noise is caused by too much power of the pump, you can change to a low-power pump, so the overflow problem of the drip box can also be solved, and the noise can also be solved.

9. Fill the triangle of the water pipe in the fish tank with anechoic balls, that is, hollowed-out plastic balls smaller than ping-pong balls, filled with sponges or foam; tie silk stockings or towels to the bottom filter, wrap the outlet, let the water flow along the stockings or towels, and flow into the bottom filter, do not let the water hang in the air; or directly lengthen the pipe so that it goes directly below the water surface, it can also be silenced.

10. Add a reverse gas lift to the water, which can promote the cultivation of nitrifying bacteria, and it also has a quiet effect. When the water is quiet, the fish are not easily frightened.

11. Overflow filtration should be used in fish tank far as possible, and the outlet of the filtration system should go deep into the fish tank water to avoid falling noise. moreover, the flow velocity should be kept steady in the filtration process to avoid producing bubbles and making a noise during the outlet.

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