Golden dragon red dragon fish fry difference picture (selection diagram of red dragon fish fry)

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Golden dragon red dragon fish fry difference picture

Golden dragon red dragon fish fry difference picture (selection diagram of red dragon fish fry) Siamese Tigerfish

Today, I would like to share with you the knowledge of the difference between the pictures of the golden dragon fish fry, which will also explain the selection diagram of the red dragon Fish fry. If you happen to solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to the Xianglong Fish Farm, let's start now!

A list of the contents of this article:

The detailed difference between the Red Dragon and the Golden Dragon

In view of the difference between red Arowana and golden arowana, let's talk about red arowana first. Red arowana originated in Indonesia, is now the more expensive species of freshwater ornamental fish, the body is very similar to the golden arowana, its scales, snout, Gill cover, fins and tail are all red in varying degrees. It is subdivided into orange, pink, crimson and blood red. On the other hand, golden arowana does not appear red.

For arowana, there are arowana, B-grade arowana, high-backed arowana, gem arowana and gold-backed arowana, which are also classified according to their pedigree, and the distinction between them is based on bead scales and crawling backs. and whether it is a good quality depends on the strength of its gold.

The scales of the arowana on the back are all bright, climbing to more than six rows; the scales of the class B arowana are bright above the fifth row, and the sixth row is only partially lit, and the pearl scales are partially lit; the scales of the high-backed arowana beads are not bright, and the climbing row can climb to four and a half or even five rows; the scales of gem arowana beads will not shine, the scales will only shine to four rows, and there is basically no performance in more than five rows. The golden arowana is the best arowana in the golden arowana species, the metal texture of the whole body is very strong, the scales can be bright to the sixth row, and the bead scales are all bright, which can be described as the best of the golden arowana species. A remarkable feature of the golden arowana is that the gold area of the head must reach 30%, a little less is not a gold head!

How to distinguish between red arowana and golden arowana?

Golden dragon is a kind of Asian arowana, named for its golden luster all over the body. The most primitive golden dragon can only be divided into cross-backed golden dragon and red-tailed golden dragon (gemstone). In recent years, due to the hybridization of fishing grounds, Jinlong can be divided into Golden head, B, and High back. The most important feature of the golden arowana is that the Gill cover of the golden dragon is bright gold and exudes a sense of metallic light. The scale frame shows golden color, and the row number of the scale frame is also different because the variety is not available. Different from the red dragon, the variety of the golden dragon is mainly distinguished by the performance of scales and gold. The degree of climbing back of Jinlong is no more than half a row or one row, and there will be a lot of difference in price.

The body shape of the red dragon fish is similar to that of the golden dragon fish, but what is more prominent is that the red seal on its Gill cover is embedded in the sharp head of the red dragon fish. The hair color time, speed and depth of the seal also reflect the overall hair color of the red dragon to a certain extent. Each fin and scale frame also have different colors of orange, pink, crimson and blood red. The anal fin has 9-12 stalks with small spacing, and the caudal fin has 5 stalks, which are also small, and the posterior three fins are uniform red. The red arowana is also red because of the superposition and reflection of the pigment cells on the scales, it will also show a strange red in the light, red attractive, red transparent, red so that people can not look away. This is also the charm of red arowana. Now hear more red arowana in the market are Chili Red Arowana, hemoglobin, Orange Red Arowana (No. 2 red arowana), purple red arowana, including semi-arowana and so on.

The difference between raising Golden Dragon and Red Dragon

1, from the body size point of view: the red dragon is better than the golden dragon, domineering based on the huge foundation is understandable, the adult red dragon can grow to more than 70 centimeters, and the golden dragon more than 50 centimeters is already big, the pursuit of king style aesthetic fish friends can choose the red dragon, of course, the fish tank start to be high, cylinder length and height, if you choose the red dragon, then the recommended width of more than 70 is ideal, and the golden dragon then 50 can also be.

2. From the perspective of swimming posture, the red dragon is still better than the golden dragon. Compared with the golden dragon, the red dragon has seven natural fins, and even many high-quality red dragons cut their fins across their bellies, coupled with a beautiful flame tail, swimming, very elegant. The golden dragon, especially the seven fins of the pure golden dragon, will not be too big. The improved golden dragon like "Lida" has seven fins larger than the average golden dragon, but it is still much inferior to the red dragon of good quality.

3. From the point of view of habits: the red dragon is fierce and calm, and the golden dragon is fierce but very nervous, especially the golden dragon with the back, which is very sensitive to the surrounding environment. if there are children running around or cleaning, feeding, changing water, and checking the bottom cabinet, if the action is too large in front of the tank, it will often frighten the golden dragon on its back, and the probability of hitting the cylinder, climbing the cylinder, refusing to eat and so on is much more than that of the red dragon.

Extended data:

Feeding method:

Arowana needs weakly acidic to neutral water for survival, and soft water is required for hardness. The pH value is between 6.57.5 and the DH value is 3-12. The water temperature is 24-28 degrees Celsius. The content of nitrite and chlorine had better be zero. Sodium dihydrogen phosphate note: do not adjust the pH value more than 0.5-1pH every day, violent oscillation will lead to the death of arowana. It is suggested that proper explosion and oxygen can stabilize the pH value.

Red arowana needs a lot of light, preferably up to four hours a day. Other arowana are also best able to achieve 8 hours of light. Some fish farmers, such as red fish, like to use red light to illuminate red arowana, so as to achieve better results. The best light for arowana is daylight, and long-term use of light will cover the back of the arowana.

This is the end of the introduction of the picture of the difference between the golden dragon and red dragon fry. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. For more information about the selection diagram of the red dragon fry and the picture of the difference between the golden dragon fry, don't forget to look for it on this site.


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