How to feed Lanshou fry (how to feed Lanshou fry 1 cm)

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How to Feed Lanshou fish fry

How to feed Lanshou fry (how to feed Lanshou fry 1 cm) Chocolate Arowana

This site is a website about the aquarium industry. This article introduces the relevant information about how to feed Lanshou Fish fry and how to feed Lanshou fish fry. I hope it will be helpful to fishers. Thank you for following our Xianglong Fish Farm.

A list of the contents of this article:

How to raise 3cm seedlings of Lanshou in winter

3cm Lanshou fish fry cultivation method:

1. Feed: Lanshou fish fry are growing and developing.How to feed Lanshou fish fryThe golden age ofHow to feed Lanshou fish fryBreeders need to feed moreHow to feed Lanshou fish fryFeedHow to feed Lanshou fish fryTo ensure that they grow faster. Usually can feed some harvest shrimp, red worms, silk earthworms, water fleas and other food, can be fed 3 to 4 times a day, each time can be fed to Lanshou fish fry 8% full.

2. Lanshou fish fry have relatively high requirements for water quality, and breeders need to control the PH value between 6.5and 7.0. they also need to keep the Water quality clean so that they can grow better. The water can be changed every 2 or 3 days, and the amount of water each change can be controlled at 1/4 of the total water.

What do 2 to 3 cm Lanshou goldfish eat and how to raise them?

2-3 cm Lanshou goldfish can be fed with cooked egg yolks, freeze-dried fish and shrimp, red worms, harvest shrimp eggs and other foods, which need to be cut or chopped before feeding, so that the small fish can be swallowed better. When they are older, they can be fed with fish, worms, water worms, water fleas, protein worms or other live baits, which can promote their Growth and Development. However, it should be noted that live baits are easy to carry parasites or bacteria. Breeders need to sterilize and disinfect them in advance to prevent them from being infected.

1, 2-3 cm Lanshou eat what 2-3 cm Lanshou goldfish can eat some cooked egg yolks, harvest shrimp eggs, freeze-dried red worms or fish and shrimp, their size is relatively small, breeders need to cut up when feeding freeze-dried fish and shrimp or red worms, so that they can eat normally. When they grow up, they can be fed with red worms, harvest shrimp, water earthworms, water fleas, protein worms and other foods, which can better promote their development. But live baits are very easy to carry parasites and bacteria, and breeders should be sterilized before feeding.

2, 2-3 cm Lanshou goldfish how to raise 2-3 cm Lanshou goldfish belongs to the fry stage, when they are relatively fragile, breeders need to keep the water temperature constant to avoid a temperature difference of more than 2 ℃. In addition, the water quality should be kept clean. It is best to change the water every 3 days or so. The amount of water should not be too much each time. It is best to control it at 1/4 of the total water quantity. To feed the Lanshou goldfish in the fry stage, you should follow the principle of eating less and eating more. You can feed 3-4 times a day, and it is best to feed 80% each time. In addition, Lanshou goldfish need to bask in the sun every day in order to ensure their body color, although small fish fry do not have color, but frequent exposure to the sun can sterilize and avoid the growth of bacteria.

Japanese Lanshou Culture skills how to cultivate Japanese Lanshou

1, need to pay attention to feeding problems, try to feed every day, do not choose only one kind of food, can use small fish and shrimp as the main material, and then use insects and some plant feed as snacks. The other is to change the water regularly. If the water gets dirty quickly, you need to change it every few days, or prepare a filter. Then there is the problem of keeping the water warm. Just keep it at 20-28 degrees.

2. Depth: a relatively important aspect of breeding Lanshou goldfish is the water depth of the container. You can use a sink or a fish tank, but you must pay attention to the depth. Too deep is not conducive to the growth of Lanshou. Generally speaking, the depth is between 30 and 40 centimeters. But not too shallow.

3. Water quality: proper water quality needs to be ensured in the process of Lanshou goldfish culture, and the water can be changed from 1/3 to 1/4 at a time. Pay attention to the speed of changing water and don't let the water environment change too violently.

4. Feeding: then there is the problem of feeding. It's best to feed it once or twice a day. Pay attention to the time and amount of feeding. The best time is in the morning or afternoon, not after 5 p.m. Don't feed too much and don't leave the food in the water.

5. Oxygen: providing adequate oxygen is a very important aspect. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, there is not enough oxygen. Then, you can prepare tools such as oxygen pumps to replenish oxygen so that you can replenish some oxygen when needed.

6. Lighting: another aspect is lighting, which may not be taken seriously by some farmers. In fact, providing proper light every day contributes to the growth of Lanshou goldfish. However, avoid too much light.

How to raise Lanshou for beginners

Preliminary preparation: put the fish tank where there is soft astigmatism, and the fish tank is equipped with oxygen pumps, filters and other equipment. Put in fish fry: first wash Lanshou with light salt water, then bag it and put it into the fish tank. When the water temperature in the bag is the same as the water temperature in the fish tank, pour it in slowly. Daily maintenance: change water regularly to ensure clean water quality.

How to raise Lanshou for beginners

1. Preparation in advance

Before raising Lanshou, beginners need to prepare a fish tank of the right size and put it in a place with soft astigmatism, then install oxygen pumps, filters and other equipment in the fish tank, and inject 30 to 40 centimeters of water, turn on the oxygen pump and filter at the same time, and wait two to three days before putting it into Lanshou.

2. Release fish fry

Lanshou needs to be disinfected before it is put into the fish tank. It can be washed with light salt water, then put into the original plastic bag and put into the fish tank. After the water temperature in the plastic bag is the same as that of the fish tank, slowly pour Lanshou into the fish tank.

3. Daily maintenance

In the process of raising Lanshou, it is necessary to change the water regularly to ensure that the water quality is clean and hygienic, while maintaining the stability of the water temperature in the fish tank, and when Lanshou is suitable for the new environment, feed it with concentrate feed, and pay attention to the amount of feed should not be too much each time.

This is the end of the introduction of how to feed Lanshou fish fry. Thank you for taking the time to read this site. For more information about how Lanshou fish fry are fed by 1cm and how to feed Lanshou fish fry, don't forget to look for them on this site.


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