Does the dragon fish turn on the light at night? why does the dragon fish turn on the light at night?



Does the dragon fish turn on the light at night? why does the dragon fish turn on the light at night? GOLDEN AROWANA Food for Sianlon Fish Farm


In the realm of fishkeeping, the question of whether to keep the lights on or off at night for certain fish species, such as the popular dragon fish (also known as Arowana), has been a subject of debate among hobbyists. This article aims to delve into the topic of whether Dragon fish should have lights on at night and explore the reasons behind this practice. By understanding the impact of lighting on dragon fish, we can provide optimal care and create a suitable environment for these fascinating creatures.


1. Natural habitat:

Dragon fish originate from tropical regions of Southeast Asia, where they inhabit densely vegetated Freshwater Environments. In their natural habitat, these fish experience a diurnal cycle of light and darkness, with the sun providing natural illumination during the day and darkness prevailing at night. Therefore, replicating this natural lighting pattern is essential for their well-being in captivity.

2. Circadian rhythm:

Like many other living organisms, dragon fish have an internal biological clock known as the circadian rhythm. This rhythm regulates various physiological and behavioral processes, including feeding, rest, and reproduction. Maintaining a consistent day-night cycle helps synchronize the fish's internal clock, promoting overall health and reducing stress.

3. Behavioral Considerations:

In the wild, dragon fish are primarily active during the day, using their excellent vision to hunt for prey and navigate their surroundings. When kept in captivity, they tend to exhibit similar behavior patterns, being more active and responsive during daylight hours. By providing a well-lit environment during the day and dimming or turning off the lights at night, we can mimic their natural behavior and promote a sense of security.

4. Sleep patterns:

Contrary to popular belief, fish do sleep, although their sleep patterns differ from those of mammals. During sleep, fish may reduce their activity levels, find a quiet spot, and display slower movements. By providing a period of darkness at night, we allow dragon fish to rest, recharge, and engage in sleep-like behavior, which is vital for their overall health and well-being.

5. Stress reduction:

Excessive or constant lighting at night can lead to chronic stress in dragon fish. These fish have evolved to thrive in environments with natural light fluctuations, and prolonged exposure to bright lights during the night can disrupt their natural rhythms, leading to stress-related issues such as decreased appetite, weakened immune system, and increased susceptibility to diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a period of darkness to allow them to relax and recuperate.


In conclusion, it is advisable to turn off the lights or provide dim lighting during the night for dragon fish. By replicating their natural habitat and respecting their biological needs, we can create a harmonious environment for these stunning creatures. Maintaining a consistent day-night cycle, promoting their natural behavior, and reducing stress are essential aspects of providing optimal care for dragon fish. Remember, a well-rested and stress-free dragon fish will not only display vibrant colors and impressive growth but also thrive in their captive environment.


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