The Location and Job Opportunities at Lianyungang Jinlong fish Oil Factory

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Lianyungang Jinlong Fish Oil Factory is a prominent fish oil production facility located in Lianyungang, China. This factory specializes in the extraction and processing of high-quality fish oil, which is widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, health supplements, and food production. In this article, we will explore the location of the factory and the job opportunities it offers.


Lianyungang Jinlong Fish Oil Factory is situated in Lianyungang, a coastal city in Jiangsu Province, China. Lianyungang is known for its strategic location, with access to multiple transportation routes, including railways, highways, and a well-developed port. This advantageous location allows for convenient transportation of raw materials and finished products to and from the factory.

The factory itself is located in the industrial zone of Lianyungang, which is a hub for various manufacturing and processing industries. This zone provides a favorable environment for industrial development, with excellent infrastructure, ample resources, and supportive government policies.

Job Opportunities:

Lianyungang Jinlong Fish Oil Factory offers a range of job opportunities for individuals interested in the fish oil industry. The factory employs professionals from various fields, including production, quality control, research and development. sales and marketing, and administration. Let's explore some of the positions available at the factory:

1. Production Technicians:

As a production technician at the factory, you will be responsible for operating and maintaining the production equipment. This includes monitoring production processes, ensuring product quality, and troubleshooting any technical issues that may arise. A background in chemical engineering or a related field is preferred for this position.

2. Quality Control Specialists:

Quality control specialists play a crucial role in ensuring that the fish oil produced at the factory meets the highest standards. They are responsible for conducting regular quality checks, analyzing samples, and implementing corrective measures when necessary. Candidates with a background in chemistry or analytical sciences would be well-suited for this position.

3. Research and Development Scientists:

The factory's research and development team is responsible for exploring new techniques and technologies to improve fish oil production. They conduct experiments, analyze data, and develop innovative solutions to enhance product quality and efficiency. A strong background in biochemistry or related fields is required for this role.

4. sales and marketing executives:

Sales and marketing professionals at the factory are responsible for promoting and selling fish oil products to domestic and international markets. They develop marketing strategies, build relationships with clients, and negotiate contracts. Excellent communication and negotiation skills are essential for this position.

5. Administrative Staff:

The factory also requires administrative staff to support various departments. These roles include human resources, finance, logistics, and general administration. Strong organizational and communication skills are important for these positions.


Lianyungang Jinlong Fish Oil Factory, located in Lianyungang, China, is a leading fish oil production facility. The factory offers diverse job opportunities in production, quality control, research and development, sales and marketing, and administration. With its strategic location and commitment to producing high-quality fish oil, the factory provides a promising career path for individuals interested in the industry.


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