Where is the address of Gannan Aquarium Wholesale Market?


The address of Gannan Prefecture aquarium wholesale market and Its Location

Where is the address of Gannan Aquarium Wholesale Market? Kowloon Tank (Dragon Fish Tank)

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In this detailed English description, we will explore the address and location of the Aquarium Wholesale Market in Gannan Prefecture. Gannan Prefecture, located in Gansu Province, China, is known for its diverse aquatic life and thriving aquarium industry. The aquarium wholesale market in Gannan Prefecture attracts numerous buyers and sellers from all over the country due to its wide range of aquatic products, competitive prices, and convenient location. In this article, we will provide an in-depth understanding of the address and location of this market.

Address and Location:

The aquarium wholesale market in Gannan Prefecture is conveniently situated in the heart of the prefecture's capital city, Hezuo. Hezuo is a bustling urban center that provides easy access to transportation, making it an ideal location for the market. The exact address of the market is No. 88, East Street, Hezuo City, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, China.

Hezuo City is easily accessible by various means of transportation, including air, train, and bus. The nearest airport to Hezuo is the Gannan Xiahe Airport, which is approximately 70 kilometers away. From the airport, visitors can take a taxi or hire a car to reach the market. Alternatively, one can also choose to travel by train to the Hezuo Railway Station, which is well-connected to major cities in China. From the railway station, the market is just a short taxi ride away. Additionally, there are several bus routes that connect Hezuo with neighboring cities and towns, providing convenient access for those traveling by bus.

Description of the Market:

The aquarium wholesale market in Gannan Prefecture is a bustling hub for aquarium enthusiasts, retailers, and wholesalers. Spanning across a vast area, the market offers a wide range of aquatic products, including various species of fish, corals, plants, aquarium accessories, and equipment. It is a one-stop destination for all aquarium-related needs, making it a preferred choice among industry professionals.

The market consists of numerous stalls and shops, each specializing in different types of aquatic products. The sellers at the market are experienced and knowledgeable, providing valuable guidance and advice to customers. The market is known for its competitive prices, attracting buyers who seek quality products at affordable rates. The availability of a diverse range of aquatic species and products ensures that customers have ample choices to suit their specific requirements.

The market operates throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday, ensuring that customers can visit at their convenience. The busiest days at the market are usually weekends, when both local residents and visitors from other cities flock to explore the vast array of aquatic offerings. The market opens early in the morning and remains operational until late evening, allowing customers to spend ample time browsing and making their purchases.


The aquarium wholesale market in Gannan Prefecture, located in Hezuo City, is a thriving hub for aquatic enthusiasts, retailers, and wholesalers. With its convenient location and wide range of aquatic products, the market attracts customers from all corners of China. Whether you are a hobbyist, retailer, or wholesaler, this market provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality aquatic species and accessories. Plan your visit to the aquarium wholesale market in Gannan Prefecture and explore the vibrant world of aquatic life.


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