Daqing second-hand fish tank 58.com telephone address and price inquiry Daqing second-hand fish tank 58.com telephone address and price inquiry


Title: Comprehensive Guide to Finding second-hand fish tanks in Daqing on 58.com: phone numbers, addresses, and price Information

Daqing second-hand fish tank 58.com telephone address and price inquiry Daqing second-hand fish tank 58.com telephone address and price inquiry Bat pomfret

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If you are looking to buy a second-hand fish tank in Daqing, 58.com is the go-to platform. With its extensive listings and user-friendly interface, finding the perfect Fish tank for your aquatic pets has never been easier. In this comprehensive guide. we will walk you through the process of searching for second-hand fish tanks on 58.com in Daqing, providing you with phone numbers, addresses, and price information.

Section 1: Accessing 58.com and Navigating to the Fish Tank Listings

To begin your search, open your preferred web browser and go to www.58.com. Once on the homepage, use the search bar to enter "大庆二手鱼缸" (Daqing second-hand fish tank) and hit enter. This will take you to the search results page, where you can find various listings for second-hand fish tanks in Daqing.

Section 2: Refining Your Search

To narrow down your options, utilize the filters provided on the left-hand side of the search results page. You can filter by price range, tank size, condition, and more. By setting your preferences, you can find the most suitable fish tanks that meet your requirements.

Section 3: Contacting Sellers

Once you have found a fish tank that catches your interest, note down the seller's phone number. You can usually find this information within the listing itself. Contact the seller via phone call or text message to inquire about the availability, condition, and price of the fish tank. If you have specific questions or need more details, this is the perfect opportunity to ask.

Section 4: Arranging a Meeting

If you are satisfied with the information provided by the seller, it is time to arrange a meeting to inspect the fish tank in person. Discuss a convenient time and location with the seller. Ensure that the meeting place is safe and public, such as a coffee shop or a shopping mall.

Section 5: Inspecting the Fish Tank

During the meeting, carefully examine the fish tank for any signs of damage or leaks. Check the filtration system, lighting, and overall condition of the tank. If possible, ask the seller to fill the tank with water to ensure it holds water properly. Take your time to thoroughly assess the fish tank before making a final decision.

Section 6: Negotiating the Price

If you are satisfied with the fish tank's condition, you can negotiate the price with the seller. Keep in mind that second-hand fish tanks are often priced lower than brand new ones, so there may be room for negotiation. Be respectful and polite during the negotiation process, and aim for a fair price that suits both parties.

Section 7: Completing the Purchase

Once you have agreed on a price, finalize the purchase by exchanging the payment for the fish tank. It is recommended to pay in cash for a smoother transaction. Ensure that you receive any necessary documents, such as a receipt or proof of purchase, from the seller.


Finding a second-hand fish tank in Daqing through 58.com is a convenient and cost-effective option. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily locate suitable fish tanks, contact sellers, arrange meetings, inspect the tanks, negotiate prices, and complete the purchase. Enjoy your journey in setting up the perfect aquatic habitat for your beloved fish pets!


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