453540 back filter cylinder choose which of the following LED lights is more suitable

  Newcomers first tank, in preparation, cant turn the one playing with the grass tank.After searching for a few days, I finally found: KEY-B30, Sunshine Geometry, Shangaisi a029 (if everyone has a more suitable recommendation), it is cheaper th

Tiger fish grows this why ask for advice

  In the past two days, there have been white and moldy white objects on the back and several parts of the body.Does it matter?How to deal with it?Seek expert advice!Thanks!   = (Comments on alliance SianLon Arowana Aquatic friends) =

Notes on Arowana live bait

  What you need to know about Arowana live bait What you should know about using live bait: frogs-as long as they are not toxic, frogs are very nutritious food for raising young arowanas. Frogs can survive for sever

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  come on! Come on!   = (Comments on alliance SianLon Arowana Aquatic friends) =   Stupid NANA Say:Yuyou18613515088 Say: Good health and look forward to update