Toss this pit

  Last night, I had a tossing over again, too much algae in the previous tank could not handle it.   = (Comments on alliance SianLon Arowana Aquatic friends) =   Water grass water 001 Say: Yes

Guppy water temperature problem

  ︹︺︽︾︹︺︽︾︹︺︽︾ is now arranging at 29 ° in the aquarium. How often is the water temperature connected?Nine brother _ Comment: That filtering makes the fish drink mountain springs and water, haha.what宏;奥营业-Kevin 评论:楼从你好,29 度孔雀鱼也能够恰当,无需担忧

Feed the red arow several times a day as well

  Feed the red arow several times a day as well目测有28公分左右,现在以冻泥鳅 河虾 为主偶尔喂点仟湖G2饲料,我是一天早中晚各喂一遍一次四个小河虾 或者三根小泥鳅,不知道是不是喂的有点勤有点More, I want to ask the gods how many times a day it is better to feed, how much can be fed at a time!   = (Comment

Ask for advice Turn off the lights at night

  Since I entered a few tigers, the Arowana fish always hit the cylinder at night when the lights were turned off. The head also broke and the scales fell off. What should I do?Thank you   = (Comments on alliance SianLon Arowana Aquati