• Help watch the tiger fish

    Help watch the tiger fish

      Help watch the tiger fishThe picture is a bit scum, help to see if the yellowest one is Northern Thailand or Indonesia?How much can you get?   =(Comments on alliance SianLon Arowana Aquatic friends)=   Little handsome 001 Say:...

  • Novice help

    Novice help

      What is this situation[cahan]begging for great gods======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====The unshelled tortoise said: The manlong I raised before also had this situationr5I9q5GZ said: water enzyme   p>Core?/p>p>Why is ca...

  • 冬天电费统计


      冬天电费统计终于统计出来养鱼月电费多钱了。家住东北沈阳,10月11月两个月电费247元。家里有个80底滤缸和一个60缸,一共200升水吧,其他都是热水器生活用电,家里90平面积,供暖能达到25度。得出结论,冬季月电费120元,大家讨论下,是不是差不多得这些钱?  最新回复鱼友暗夜冥帝 说: 你这很便宜了鱼友cykkyao 说: &...