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  • 新手40缸求助


       新手40缸求助 创星cf800过滤,暴龙27×2灯,co2一秒一泡每天开灯五小时,两天换四分之一水,开缸六天,草一天不如一天,前辈们指导一下, flower的汉语是什么 我下的斑马红绿灯一条没死,没喂一次!我的水草怎么了,求救在线等   最新回复 鱼友我不在你附近 说:...

  • Please seniors to advise  thank you

    Please seniors to advise thank you

      I want to order a small pond on the south balcony of the house. It is 1 meter long and 80 wide. There is also a rockery (see below). The pond is also a finished product. Weakly ask, can you raise koiHow many can be kept, how suitable is the filtering,...