pair pearls and Bd male

pair pearls and Bd malepair pearls $1600
bd male $1500

pair pearls and Bd male Arowanaclub Canada
pair pearls $1600

pair pearls and Bd male AROWANA Forum bd male $1500
anyone who buys these 3 rays and my bbxb i will throw in my 1500 gallon U shaped tank for FREE!!!!
Buddy, u getting rid of everything???? !-(
If I only had the room but you have seem my basement lol and the other question why you selling?
hey guys got another one on the way so im hoping i can get rid of a few tanks and maybe only keep 2!
+1 for a great deal and good guy。
if only i had the room for this
I second that Tom,arowana australian They are really stunning rays in person。 Anyone with this setup is super lucky!
thanks tom and thanks dragonD。 bd now on hold all thats left is the pearl pair ill drop it to $1500 guess nobody wants the tank。


    pair pearls and Bd male
    2020-05-09 20:28:25 Contents
    How big aquarium is used for raising koi?

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