Dolphin Whale (Red-tailed Cat) OF Dragon Temple



Dolphin Whale (Red-tailed Cat) OF Dragon Temple

My Julong Hall comes standard with novice and new cylinder 1.55/0.66 meters, two silver dragons, three butterfly dragon carps, an albino knife in the tank, normally fed once a day, and the fish under the normal opening tank for one week have been almost 25 days now.Is the pump small?Or other reasons?What should I do to make the water tank clean?Thanks for the knowledge of using this fish tank for popularization, thanks.Qianhus official uniform can give me a careful talk about how big the pump should be for this fish tank,How to solve the problem that a layer of fish in the fish tank will not circulateThank you, thank you.Novice experience.

  shibin18 Say: Not bad
Fish Friends Say: What size pump do you use?Duckbill lower the position and try
Yuyou originally liked tossing Say: Wait again, it will take time.

Dolphin Whale (Red-tailed Cat) OF Dragon Temple Albino ReArowanad Dragon FishFish Friends zcf2199 Say: The nitrifying bacteria havent come down, it should have not been established yet
Yuyou 13994386758 Say: Study hard
Amo Say: Bad circulation in the tank, right?
Yuyou Datang Monk Say:
The normal opening of the cylinder is the next thing to do. Zcf2199

  The nitrifying bacteria havent come down, it should have not been established yet
Yuyou Datang Monk Say:
Even if there is a layer of fish poo in the aquarium, the position of the ducks beak has also been adjusted. Datang monk

  Opening the cylinder normally is what you should do
Fish Friends Mysterious Island 001 Say: The wave pump works The wave pump works
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Fish spit out small fish from mouth&
Put a lot of small fish for arowana!
Video of Arowana spitting small fish~
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What kind of fish makes small fish from his mouth(


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