Great God help see the filter



Great God help see the filter

Great God help see the filter Tiger-striped Silver Edge FishWhen I bought it, it was filtered through long. It didnt feel very good. I added two partitions with acrylic. At first, it was fine. After the three-in-one pump was blocked with an oxygen port, the water flow might be large.Overflow, washing the filter cotton is okay. Feed the fish food four times a day, before the fish will not be able to suck, and then after adding the wave, there will be no fish and the water will be clear. It is necessary to clean the filter every three or four daysIf the cotton will overflow, please ask how to change it. The video on the filter box, the first white cotton filter in the three grid, the second bacterial house (although not large), the third biochemical cotton is changed afterwards, and the rear partition is completely lowered.Off
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
The butterfly carp squatting Yuyu said: Eh ~
Dawning weixin0003 Yuyou said: The board below the water, this filtering is not good
Fish farming is the process of playing, fish friends say: add a fish separator
驽跃兴飞 鱼友说:过滤空间还是有点小 如果不想再做改动可以试试用第一格做沉淀 里面放生化棉 但你这个水流感觉比较大 试试降低流量 但个人建议在第一格上面建一个As large a turnover box as possible for precipitation
One night listening to the rain in the small building 1 Yuyou said: it is best to add one or two layers, a little water blocking
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