Wild caught Mahseer from kelantan 1st few minutes in tank



Wild caught Mahseer from kelantan 1st few minutes in tank

Freshly made video~
After a long journey~ they are acclimatized to my water and straight into the tank.
The King of the River! or Queen ( 2 females 14", one male(smaller size 9")
They definitely outshine my arowana.
Now they are suffering from some bruise and cloudy eyes from the journey and the video doesnt do justice to their colouration!
So shiny! Very nice.

Wild caught Mahseer from kelantan 1st few minutes in tank Red-hooked Silver Edition Fish>Nice comm groom them well.
>Nice and active comm bro, always loved mahseers for their active swimming and shine
>Go fish yourself or buy from angler?
>Nice mahseers,great catch
>bought from angler. Actually they are tor tambra not tambroides
before i put into FGT~
>Wow this is a nice fish and hard to get from the river man. Good job
>This one is the "sultan" fish or the mahseer?
i heard mahseer comes from cold water up in the mountains.
Is this the environment?
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