Pikonni fish About the sky blue peacock larvae



Pikonni fish About the sky blue peacock larvae

I want to know if the juvenile fish of the sky blue strain is particularly difficult to feed. the small fish begin to die in about 15 days after birth.This is true for both nests of fish.3-5 dead a day.Its unknown for what reason.Seniors are invited to class.Feeding is the Fenian shelled shrimp.30.20.20 small cylinder.There is a Ritron 350 filter.Hardly change water.The water change is also in the big fish tank.The water temperature is around 28 degrees.Poor fish. There are over 100 in this nest.There are now 20 entries left.How can I keep them.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
Little owl weixin commented: Digged the grave.But the pictures look really different from the sky blue children, all are wild colors.
Ziqidonglai 024 Comment: Shouldnt the cub of Skyfang be this color?
Learn from the Great God Comment: Great God replies, come and learn
Chongerqq Comment: It is good to live, I feel that the landlord has a little space to raise small fish. Originally, the white child has weak body, poor eyesight, and low ability to eat.Isolation box, place the small fish inside, reduce the active area, and facilitate the small fish to eat.As the small fish grow up, the breeding environment is gradually increased.It is recommended to configure large water flow filtration to reduce the activity of small fish. You can use the water goblin to add water to change the method. Pay attention to the use of trickle flow for water change.It is recommended that the early stage is the brine shrimp, which is fed multiple times a day. The small fish that lasted a month and a half will not die, and it will not die after breaking the belly.It is recommended to observe more to see the cause of death of small fish.
Su Xing Comments: Dont mess with medicine, just raise the water first.?Water quality issues
A touch of comment: Is the water too deep, I think it is a water quality problem
vinifan Comment: If the water quality is no problem, it is the survival of the fittest, nothing. I am the same with red and white, just a few days.
Hobby type aquarium player Comments: Not a pin tail.
Logic Comment: Come to learn, wait for the great god,

Pikonni fish About the sky blue peacock larvae Straight-grained Flying anchovyxin10070097 Comment: Is it a pin tail?I feed the whole process of the method. After a week, the fish throws oxytetracycline in the tank, and then it doesnt matter. The growth is not bad.
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