Great white shark Nice dragon fish circle



Great white shark Nice dragon fish circle

The temperature is finally up.
On this day, you have to use a heating rod!
Im drunk too
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Mai Baojiang Chilong Comment: Setting 32 is too high
qtleepen Comments: I have maintained 32 degrees, come to the tigerBlindfolded, big head
Water Curtain 999 Comments: Alas
You Zan Zoukou Comment: Like

shibin18 Comment: Haha, amazing

Great white shark Nice dragon fish circle Red-tailed Arowana零陆陆零 Comment: Why is heating not placed in the filter tank, it looks so messy.
zsj725 Comment: Everywhere is hot
Anhui Liang Chaowei Comment: Fish troubles, heating in winter, cooling in summer
Go forward courageously  Comment: Where are you?
Amateur me Comment: Is heating still used in this weather?
Can the tiger fish be raised with the fish?(
Can tiger fish and flying anchovies be polycultured,
Tiger and Lucky Stingray.
Dragon Fish Tiger Fish Stingray/
Tiger fish&
Tiger fish biting arowana%
Polyculture of tiger fish and map fish~
What kind of fish is the tiger fish with?


niong tau foo at tpy lor 1 - outside bra

Unable to list item in Market place .

Moving Sale Left overs, some fish, some

Ammonia super high

Golden Head Xbacks for Export, July 2014


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