I have sent a friend to commemorate



I have sent a friend to commemorate

TR Bearing Comment: Oh, does it belong to the blackfish series?

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  TR Bearing Comment: Toothfish?very beautiful

  Ice cream Comments: Really cute

I have sent a friend to commemorate Slicefish

  (Big Tree) Comment: Brother This is a yellow gold eye mirror snake!

  =======The following are Yuyou comments=======

  Jing V Comments: Keshi Passing by
Red Dragon Fish Super Clear@
Dead Red Arowana illustration%
Hope the red dragon fish$
Thousand lake fish red dragon fish/
Red Arowana Reflex)
Need blood red arowana~
Box Red Arowana@
Polyculture with red arowana*
Rainbow fish and red dragon^


1st time Altum-ing

1st XB around 18 w 5-6th level shine and

Showcase Local Bred Goldfish Koi Only!

fs - Panda Red

Yinlong | Yinlong Miao


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