Yutai County Jining Shandong: E-Commerce Achieves Koi King



Yutai County Jining Shandong: E-Commerce Achieves Koi King

In 2006, when Song Pengjie was working in the field, he came across the koi breeding by chance and was fascinated by this beautiful creature.He learned that breeding ornamental koi has already become a popular fashion in the southern region, and this fashion has gradually emerged in the northern region."I think peoples living standards are getting higher and higher, and breeding koi will definitely have a future."So he made a decisive decision and decided to go home and raise koi.

  "At that time, I imported 100,000 fry from the Shanghai Fisheries Market, one for one cent.But because there was no technology, the fish died before it had grown up.Song Pengjie said that later he spent 19.Nine breeding fish were introduced from Shanghai and other places for 20,000 yuan. Unfortunately, most of these breeding fish died because of the lack of breeding technology.

  After repeated setbacks, Song Pengjie made up his mind to study the techniques of breeding koi carp, and within a period of time, he became a frequent visitor to the aquatic station.The experience accumulated during the failure and the hard work later made Song Pengjie quickly become an expert in breeding koi. He just knew what was wrong with the koi.With the support of friends, Song Pengjies koi breeding business began in 2007.

  Since Koi sold well in the market, Song Pengjie decided to set up an online store on Taobao to sell Koi in 2012. Unexpectedly, the effect was surprisingly good. "The highest one-day sales exceeded 70,000 yuan."Song Pengjie introduced that now he has 5 online stores, of which 2 are responsible for wholesale koi fish fry.

  Many people may ask that the idea of online sales is good, but how to transport koi?The reporter happened to catch up with a customer in Tianjin that ordered 4 koi carp from the Internet, so he followed Song Pengjie to the breeding greenhouse to witness the whole process of "packaging" the koi carp.

Yutai County Jining Shandong: E-Commerce Achieves Koi King BLACK DIAMOND ,BD STINGRAY

  According to the customers request, Song Pengjie first removed four koi fish from the fish pond, and then packed the fish into a white transparent plastic bag filled with water. The first process of "packaging" was completed.The reporter saw at the exit of the greenhouse that there was an oxygen tank to inflate the plastic bag. "Fill the plastic bag with oxygen once. At room temperature, the koi can be guaranteed to survive for three days and three nights. This is the data I have obtained through multiple experiments.Song Pengjie said that after filling with oxygen, the plastic bags of Shengyu should be placed in a foam box and then in a cardboard box, and then sealed for shipping.

  Song Pengjies reputation for raising koi is growing, and farmers have a high enthusiasm for joining. For this reason, in 2013, he established the Datang Ornamental Fish Breeding Professional Cooperative, which currently has more than 300 acres of fish ponds and more than 30 members."In 2014, the cooperatives annual sales of koi carp was around 10 million, and nearly half of them were sold online."Song Pengjie said.

  As Song Pengjie has more and more fish ponds, he has adopted a new method in management, using corporate operations. Each fish farm is independent of each other, with independent financial accounting. The farm manager is responsible for the operation of different fish farms.In this way, the fish farm allocates its own risks, which reduces the operating risk of the entire cooperative.According to the risks of koi carp breeding, Song Pengjie also cooperated with relevant scientific research institutions and universities to seek technical support from scientific research institutions.Now, every half a month, experts will go to Song Pengjies fish pond for water quality testing and disease prediction to control the possibility of koi infections in advance. Until now, Song Pengjies koi carp farm has never had a large-scale death.

  In the koi carp farming industry in Yutai, many farmers have gone out of Song Pengjies farms.After these farmers learned the technology in Song Pengjies farms, Song Pengjie encouraged them to go out and start their own businesses.The scale of the fish farms going out to farms reached more than 100 mu.

  Talking about the future, Song Pengjie told reporters that in 2015 he plans to invest 1 million yuan to develop an e-commerce platform together with farmers, specializing in koi sales, and starting the Datang koi brand online.
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