Changing the water ~



Changing the water ~

Changing the water ~ Sumatran tiger fish
It replaced to the water, both ignore me. [Huaixiao] [huaixiao] [huaixiao] [huaixiao] [huaixiao] [huaixiao]
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
L Xu Hao? Fish lovers say: Yes, ah!Yarn has not retired.
Your roOkt aquarists said: retreat sand quality should be stable, not quick to change the water
No drop sail boat fish lovers say: What breed
Cold eye. This ugly little fish you how much the
Arowana is fed at least once every few days$
What are the advantages of centipede feeding arowana?
Arowana can be fed once every three or four days^
Can Arowana feed cockroaches/
How long to feed silver arowana%


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New Comm Tank - Xb Altum Ray

belodontichtys dinema

sharks and stingraysArowana eye looking

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