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what colour Oyama pasting to put best for XBACK tank ? need advise from expert here
Originally Posted by Richsg what colour Oyama pasting to put best for XBACK tank ? need advise from expert here From what I read from AFTs gurus post. White tank treatment(WTT) in Fgt or white oyama 3 sides till 15-16 inch to improve shine and accelerate the crossing. Then put in black tank to let the colour intensify. Then sit back and enjoy your gorgeous shiny pet. Haha.
From my humble readings. Gurus do correct me if Im wrong so I can learn too. Cheers.
>OK bro it all depends on your preference. If you want to WTT the fish first you got to put in some effort in keeping the water crystal clear at all times. Use proper lighting and tan the fish. It will improve the shine depending on the quality of the Arowana too of course. After which when about 15 inches you can put in full black tank and continue tanning regime to bring out the core colour.
>A qn of u want color or u wan shine.
WTT for shine
BTT for color -> of cos u need to choose a quality XB la. Otherwise go for WTT.
Want BTT, choose from BTT.
>i suggest u put black oyama better. gold will intense over time..
>TS, hijack your thread for a while, what is the expectation tanning in blue tank?
>i prefer blue
had used clear, black and finally blue
still think blue nicer
>thk for all expert advise , me just bought a 15" XB . can i put in white tank to improve e gold tone first ? will it improve it gold ?
>wont say white tank will improve the gold tone.. more to the shine of the xb
wan the intensity.. go for blue or black would be better..
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