fishbowl Old iron ask what this useful



fishbowl Old iron ask what this useful

Old iron who, may I ask what this nanofiltration warehouse is useful, useless I put the ball rolling wheat treasure, my old fish collector nozzle Carpenter magic bag is then precipitated warehouse, followed by a trickle box, trickle box above the first layer magic carpet maker old fish, white cotton second layer, a third layer of cotton biological activated carbon, filter cartridge is large stick tiles 40 NO1 and 5, there are a plurality of balls 20 nanometers, I feel filter not enough, want this ultrafine filter cartridge filter bag removed, put the ball rolling, I do not know feasible
fishbowl Old iron ask what this useful Sumatran tiger fish
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Zhangjiang _weixin_822 aquarists said: EHEIM quartz ball, fill.Half a year has been used to wash out the fish tank is broken
Zhangjiang _weixin_822 aquarists say: put quartz
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