Kinks on the bottom of the tank filter



Kinks on the bottom of the tank filter

The aquarium is home to 1.2 * 0.Bottom filter cylinder 4, there is no strong emission, master cylinder bottom filter has a straight row, bottom filter tank design issues can not do automatic replenishment.All along, always easy to change the water and ran to save the angle of research improvement programs.Today whim, or the master cylinder can put the hall, to move the balcony bottom filter removed (from the master cylinder from the horizontal balcony about 4 meters)?If so, that after changing the water replenishment are in the balcony, automatic water problem can be easily solved!


Proposal is feasible, the god please give pointers

======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Lao Gao next door fishermen fish lovers say: This can be.Not higher than the master cylinder outlet pipe overflow port.Pump head for a big point.If no support cold-water fish.If tropical fish.Then you best and enclosed balcony.
A Kunpeng wings aquarists say: As long as you pump head enough, and consequently is not a problem, the filter can be put downstairs
Chen Cheng _weixin_207 aquarists say: OK.I see the line.The floor again to pry open.The water rushed good

Kinks on the bottom of the tank filter Ibaka fishLong in the water ﹏ aquarists said: feasible, have to consider the difficulty of the actual operation
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Ideal location for filter outlets in my

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