Dongying seized 3 illegal aluminum scrap smelters and arrested 6 people on site



Dongying seized 3 illegal aluminum scrap smelters and arrested 6 people on site

(Reporter He Zewei Liu Hongjuan Dongyingtai Xu Zhen left to accompany) Dongying netizens reported to reporters that the aluminum smelting plant near the Shengli Power Plant discharged sewage and exhaust gas, which seriously affected their lives.The reporter arrived at the scene together with the local environmental protection department.

  Li Yongsheng, the squadron leader of the No. 1 Squadron, Dongying Sub-bureau, Dongying City Environmental Protection Bureau, told reporters, "In the power plant, there are small aluminum smelters that are illegally producing.Any environmental procedures."

  The reporter saw in this small aluminum smelting plant that there was no signage about the companys name at the door.In the production workshop, small pot tables, three simple furnaces, cooling molds, etc. are all available.All raw materials and equipment are placed in the open air without any environmental protection measures.Several rusty exhaust pipes on the furnace directly discharge production waste gas into the air.There are more than a dozen burnt out furnaces in the factory, which shows that this small aluminum smelter has been illegally produced for a long time and has a large amount of operations.

  Li Yongsheng explained, "They used the aluminum slag and scrap aluminum scraps from the lathe, and used this furnace. After melting, they went to the grinding tool to cool down here to produce aluminum ingots. At that time, he used this furnace to heat之后顺着这个烟囱 把烟排到外面排到外面去之后,这一个是没有任何环保处理设施,当时污染确实很严重。


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  After investigation and investigation, on the south side of Shengli Power Plant and near Shengyuan Central Primary School, it was found that a total of three processing plants were illegally engaged in scrap aluminum refining.After investigation and evidence collection, the public security organs seized three factories in accordance with the law, and arrested three construction leaders and three operating workers on site.

  Tian Jianwen, deputy commander of the Food and Drug Environmental Investigation Brigade of the Dongying Public Security Branch, said, "It has a serious impact on the surrounding environment, and residents have very large opinions on this. Our public security organs have based on Article 63 of the new Environmental Protection LawSealed and banned, the relevant personnel were detained."

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Dongying seized 3 illegal aluminum scrap smelters and arrested 6 people on site Queen's Sail
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