Ibaka fish Buy a fish and get angry~



Ibaka fish Buy a fish and get angry~

I want to buy some fish for Arowana. There are few local resources. In many places on the Internet, I cant send a courier. I can only ship it by air.Im impatient if Im a little merchant~

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  Smirk Say: Ha ha

Ibaka fish Buy a fish and get angry~ SUPER RED AROWANAYuyou Susu 001002 Say: Add me 13211240858 video to watch slowly
Yuyou TS Moon Say: Maybe buy more fish!!Understand each other
Yuyou Tianjin Second Son 1978 Say: There can be no general discussion, there will be good businesses.
Fish Friends Zhou Haijun 136399218 Say: We have very few local fish resources
Yuyous belly is full of poems and books Say: Alas~~~I envy the big cities Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin~~~Various flowers, birds, fish and insect markets can be visited~~~

  There are only 3 aquariums in a small local county town. One thinks that it is not good to do business in winter and does not get tropical fish. The other one has no tropical fish at all.Dont worry~~Recommend Conscience Fish Home!
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