SUPER RED AROWANA Modified filtering



SUPER RED AROWANA Modified filtering

Old iron, I am now 1.5 meters high, 60 wide and 50 bottom filter tanks, I want to add a top filter now, do you think its ok?Give some advice?========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Jing Jingcao Yuyou said:?
Xiaobai came to raise fish
Dont forget the heart 037 Yuyou said: Life is toss
zsj725 Yuyou said: Yes
Starting from the usual end and quiet, Yuyou said: Why do you need to filter after the bottom filter, just upgrade the hardware!After filtering, its not beautiful, not to mention, the effect is not much better
The star in the desert Yuyou said: "Its too unsightly. Consider adding some worries to reduce the number of fish!"
Tianjin Erzi 1978 Yuyou said: After changing the bottom filter, why use the filter?
TZX good idea
_Wolf soul_ Yuyou said: Why has the filter been added?

SUPER RED AROWANA Modified filtering Stingray
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