How do hamsters distinguish between male and female?



How do hamsters distinguish between male and female?

The boss will usually make a mark on it.if not, the method is to use the genitals to judge. The genitals and anus of the female mouse are relatively close, the genitals and the anus are relatively separated, and the mature male rat will be prominent的,黄金鼠、沙鼠、


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However, most people start with mice. The sex organs are not so obvious, so it is not easy to distinguish. Here is a convenient way to distinguish: the male mouse has a long distance between the genitals and the anus, so it will be between two points.Hairy; due to the close distance, the baby mouse will have no hair between two points.


How do hamsters distinguish between male and female? The bloody dragon

  Dont be afraid, LZ, its okay to turn SS over, you just grab it by turning it over the front legs.The male mouses genitals are separated from the anus. There are two eggs on both sides of the PP, but sometimes it is not obvious. The most obvious thing is to touch the male mouses belly. There will be a hard one, JJ.The genitals and anus of the female rat are relatively close to each other. The genitals are the two small holes in the bottom of the SS bottom.You cant read LZ without turning it over. Be bold. I dare turn over when my SS is taken back.If the landlord does not dare, he only has to wear thick gloves.If you are a male and a female, I will congratulate you! The landlord searched the picture in Baidu: "The hamsters male and female" have a detailed explanation!
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