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中国 天津 天津市 西青区曹庄子花卉市场南厅门脸29-30号,店铺成立以来发展迅速,

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业务不断发展壮大我店铺主要经营名佳牌水族箱系列,加热棒系列,鱼药系列 ; 水族器材,我们有好的产品和专业的销售和技术团队,我店铺属于天津电热管、

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Tianjin Mingjia Aquarium Store Spade A Fish
How much is suitable for feeding arowana every day^
Best feeding time for arowana.
What are the feeding techniques of red arowana)
How long can red arowana live,
How much do 30 cm red dragons feed each day%
Silver arowana feeds small fish several times a day&
Arowana eats fish several times a day*
Arowanas over 40 are fed once every few days/


Heater and UV Filter for 5ft Tank

HP Hiblow 100 AirPump

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Any land plants lover here?

LF: Pig Nose Turtle Fly River Turtle


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    How long does the tank fish keep"

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    Arowana just arrived at the middle level^

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    Homemade simple fish tank filter%