Xiaohu stood up-



Xiaohu stood up-

Is there any problem with the newly entered tiger?There are 25 golden dragons and 5 parrots in the tank. Are you scared or unacceptable?North of Xiaotai, about 12cm.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
:べ.Zhen Comment: Get used to itIsolate if you cant
Bu Li Bu 011 Comment: Thank you, Xiao Taibei has been a fairy.
:べ.Zhen Comments: ScaredtimidAdapt
Koala Comment: timid, you can also find something to hide, and then withdraw for a while
Clear the dust with the wind Comments: Amount.Why doesnt he fly? Tiger fish are generally more nervous, but havent seen some standing upright
Xiaoqiang Fishing 8 Comments: timidAdapt

Xiaohu stood up- Fish tank customizedMorning001 Comment: See the Great God
Trumpet Fatty Comment: Its okay, normal.
Longer obediently commented: It is estimated that it is not suitable and scared
Long Huhong 1985 Comment: Normal Sometimes it is lying down
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Male and Female red terror

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Sharing my bd under belly big spot

Henlei, bdleo, and bd update


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