Albino Koala The little guy was left out



Albino Koala The little guy was left out

Ive been busy recently, and the little guy has just a white spot.A little left out.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
Xiao Yu Nuan Nuans comment: Boil it.
whcd163 Comment: Pony looks good
Guo Le. Comment: All are restored.
Ice Cream Comment: Recover slowly

Albino Koala The little guy was left out Wholesale of aquarium tanks@sze@ Comment: Be patient, pay attention to water quality
Longer obediently Comment: Raise slowlybe patient

Long Muxuan Comment: Keep it well and look forward to updating

Long Muxuan Comment: Nice Ma Miao, appreciate it
Xiaodao Lang Comments: Slowly boil
LDianG Highlights Comments: Its hard to have white spots for such a small one
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