ALBINO PEARL STINGR The General Administration of Market Supervision held a live meeting on food saf



ALBINO PEARL STINGR The General Administration of Market Supervision held a live meeting on food safety regulation management in the national wholesale market for edible agricultural products

From November 14th to 15th, the on-site meeting of food safety normative management of the national wholesale market for edible agricultural products was held in Fuzhou. Sun Meijun, deputy director of the General Administration of Market Supervision, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.Representatives from the Market Supervision Bureau of Tianjin, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Chongqing, Fujian and other six provinces and municipalities and the heads of agricultural product wholesale markets made an exchange of experience at the meeting. Participants attended the scene to observe the food safety management situation in the wholesale market and centralized trading market.

  The meeting requested that the responsibility of the main body of food safety for the producers of edible agricultural products wholesale markets and sellers of edible agricultural products should be strengthened; innovative supervision methods should be explored, and smart supervision methods such as “Internet+” and blockchain should be explored to improve the effectiveness of supervision and implement supervision responsibilitiesIt is necessary to take the joint action of rectifying food safety issues as an opportunity to continue to focus on the rectification of key issues of edible agricultural products.It is necessary to continue to increase market supervision and inspection, urge producers and operators to strictly implement the "two certificates and one report" requirement for hog product inspection, severely crack down on illegal behaviors such as price hikes and hoarding, and effectively guarantee the peoples peace of mind and ease of eating.

ALBINO PEARL STINGR The General Administration of Market Supervision held a live meeting on food saf Gold-headed blue background gold arowana

  The meeting pointed out that local market supervision departments have thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the important instructions on food safety. They have done a lot of work on improving the level of food safety regulation management in the wholesale market for edible agricultural products, and have achieved phased results in system construction, regulation improvement, and regulatory innovation.We must earnestly study the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Party, take the food safety standard management of the edible product wholesale market as an important basic work to promote the modernization of the food safety governance system and capabilities, and comprehensively improve the food safety management level of the edible agricultural products wholesale market to ensureThe peoples diet is safe.

  During the meeting, Sun Meijun also conducted a survey on the joint action to rectify food safety issues in Fuzhou City, and investigated the implementation of the responsibility of the food safety unit of the students collective meal delivery unit and kindergarten on the spot, and worked with the deputies of the National Peoples Congress, the CPPCC members, the schools family committee and the parentsThe representatives had a discussion.
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