Does your rainbow fish control food?



Does your rainbow fish control food?

Everyone knows that the arowana stops eating one day a week. Have you stopped the rainbow fish?
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Wang Taiwei Comment: The first time I heard about fasting, why did you stop fasting,
mzroy Comment: I am also troubled by this problem, and temporarily stopped with the dragon.

Does your rainbow fish control food? Chocolate Arowanaliujie3255857 Comment: See how big the stingray is
HuángShēng Comment: My non-stop.Feed every day.A tank of fish.I dont know how to stop.
Is it possible to call it not to eat?
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How much frozen shrimp to feed 25cm arowana at a time)
Parrotfish feeding method"
Qianhu Chili Red Dragon*
Does the red arowana feed quickly?
Is it possible to feed only silver arowana?,


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