Cant beat dragon fish



Cant beat dragon fish

Red Dragon and Golden Dragon have been playing for 4-5 hours. The Golden Dragon only played today, who has a good way to learn it.Thanks
========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====

Cant beat dragon fish Mixed fishSmall wine two three two two Comments: It is not as good as the next one after the Coke bottle, I wish success three or four because the problem is not big

shibin18 Comment: Its better to raise it alone.

Zuge Comment: There is no way, it will be over
Amo Comment: Succeed as soon as possible.
Just love Arowana Comment: Just go after it
Brother Charlie cb comment: the bottle is removed to fight to grab the site. Your site is so small, dont you fight?
Charlie brother cb comment: Crazy waves, feeding, changing water every day
iu522vxj Comment: Polyculture must be divided into 123, you can narrow the space a little bit less powerful!
kuny坤 Comment: Its better to raise only
OolJ1vm1 Comment: A total of 3 Golden Dragons with 2 small points and one large point. I sacrificed one yesterday!
Arowana price ranking.
Can the arowana be fed after changing water,
How to deal with the fish that feeds arowana*
silver arowana Video Feeding Loach
Can dragon fish eat small crucian carp@
What to do if arowana does not eat live fish#
Arowana may not be fed for up to a few days/


Sharing my new tank.

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Anyone use S1 to quarantined feeders?


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