Will my arowana fight with my datnoids



Will my arowana fight with my datnoids

I have 4 3-5inch datnoids will they fight with my new aro Im buying one real soon 6-8 Inch hbrtg
I also have 1 masheer will my aro eat those or fight or other way around thanks
Every fish have their own character....

Will my arowana fight with my datnoids Mixed fish Dont think the dats will go after the aro,
most likely, aro will disturb the kelah....
But Ive a dat at 10 inch who is the boss of the tank, chases aros and ray that are much bigger.
However, you never try, youll never know.
But dont worry, should be ok since all juv.
>Its a good start to put them together since juv.... By the time they grow up together should not be a problem...
>Bro, my tank now got one 17 inch XB with 10 inch IT. IT dont disturb XB one, but XB wack IT till it become black black. See liao very sad.. tonight gonna put DW let my IT take cover
>To comm IT with aro, preferably the IT size is half of aro size to be safe. My previous 18" VFSR was whacked by 14" IT till few dropped scales and a portion of its tailfin torn and dangling. What it takes is just a whack from aggressive IT similar to betta fighting action... pok pok sound..
>should not be a big problem... can comm
I have a17" aro comm with 6" IT, and small fonotsa, black berry and oscar.. at time the aro will swim down and wack these fishes, nothing much serious..
>Thanks for your help!!
Does anybody know the shipping cost to buy a aro in Singapore to bring to Canada? Thanks bros
>Tank size?
>Depends on your fish character.
Some they just dont care about their tank mates but some are very aggressive and territorial
>bro no prob one.. my IT always get whack by aro but only some dropped scales only.. you need to worry your dat fighting each other when growing older.. masheer will do fine, they are not weak fish but better covered your tank properly, masheer or aro sure fly out later.
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