My home fur ball

Dear gods, lets take a look at the color and shape of my hairball.
======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====
shibin18 said: it looks pretty good
W2x92uA6 said: It will be a tank shape in the future, not bad!
Sun Zhiyue said: beautiful, good shape
Amo said: It looks pretty good.of.

My home fur ball Thin frame red dragon fish
Koi breeding feed is good:
Shenyang feed and unified feed)
Shenyang feed and unified feed are better&
Japan Shenyang Feed Official Website?
What is the cheapest arowana species@
Shenyang Koi feed is good(
Arowana variety price#


FS: ST (Pickup ONLY)

Came across this aro caught on rod!top 1

Man charged over rubbing ice on womans b

I want to know where I can find a 24k Golden Arowana

Asian Arowana Scleropages Formosus


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