No1 and Xiao filter 1 are better



No1 and Xiao filter 1 are better

No1 and Xiaolu 1 are better.

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  zp850621 Say: Its almost the same.
Yuyou 8016 Say: Its more expensive!
Yuyou ID:  Say: AC and Yihan

No1 and Xiao filter 1 are better Red ArowanaYuyou Xiaoqian Say: Highly recommend AC filter media.I have an international version here
Yuyou Xiaoqian Say: ?WeChat 18629200773
Yuyou Beginner 11 Say: I like each one,
Yuyou happens to bloom Say: AC or one-meter dragon filter
Yuyou Longer Say: It feels almost the same.
Fish Friends 18004237888 Say: almost
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    Homemade Koi color enhancement feed*