Tips to improve water quality



Tips to improve water quality

Reasonable water flow (How to make the water flow more evenly through the filter material) 1. High filter material The main purpose of the high filter material is to make the water flow more uniform.Reducing the dead water area, such a filtering effect can be increased by at least 50%. As shown in the picture, whether you are a bacterial house, a biochemical bead or a biochemical ring.In the front panel, the direction of water flow will become more consistent.In the second grid, there is no elevation in the grid behind the bacteria house, and there is no water flow at all.Most of the water will only flow through the gap behind.Then, the backwater area will become very large.This is why some fish friends have already placed the filter material in the direction of the water flow, but the effect is not ideal. ? Biochemical beads, biochemical rings, ceramic rings, these are small, non-occupying filters.If it is not raised, the water flow will be concentrated in the direction of the outflow.The farther away, the less water flow, as shown above.In this way, even if you put the best filter material, it will not have the effect it should have. How to raise the filter material? The best way is to use the bottom filter grid plate, the material of this structure to go up.Of course, coarse hole biochemical cotton will also have a certain effect. We can go to the plate shop and buy PVC plates or acrylic plates to drill holes in the bottom filter grid plate, and the bottom is supported by PVC pipe fittings.Of course, if you have poor hands-on skills, you can also buy it online, and sell the finished bottom filter plate.Just the size, it may not be very suitable, of course, you can also trim it yourself.Generally, it is 15*15 or 25*25. Try to buy more when you buy, which is convenient for trimming and convenient. ? 2. Dispersing the filter material The purpose of dispersing the filter material is also to allow the water to flow more evenly and to reduce the dead water area as much as possible. As shown in the figure below, the bottom filters are all high, and there is a normal obvious gap in the bag of filter material.Such a gap is enough to allow most of the water to flow away from the gap, so there will be no water flow in the middle of the bag. ? Is it convenient to clean the filter material in the net bag? First of all, the filter material is packed in a bag, then it has entered an endless cycle.It is because in order to facilitate yourself when washing the filter material, I chose the bag filter material.But after bagging, the resulting filtering effect will be relatively poor.In the end, it takes less than a while, and you psychologically feel that the effect of this filter material has deteriorated.I have to wash it again, and some aquarists just replace it. ? Is it difficult to wash the filter material? In fact, it doesnt bother you where to go, its just a waste of time.For example, if you remove it from the filter compartment, you may be able to solve it in a few minutes in a bag, and it will take tens of minutes more in bulk. How to prolong the time for cleaning Xian filter media? The easiest way is to strengthen the physical filtering.Even if there are only three or five filter cottons, I use a brush to settle the garbage in the first frame, and the physical filtration is done well, so there is naturally less garbage flowing on the biochemical filter material. What are the methods for cleaning biochemical filters? If there is no filtering and drainage function (1) Remove the filter material and install it with fish tank water. (2) Carefully clean up the sediment under the filter. (3) Put the filter material back into the filter and fill it with fish tank water. If there is a way to filter the sewage function? (1) Open the sewage valve and drain the sewage. (2) Use the water pipe to pump the water of the fish tank to the filter grid, and flush the filter material. After draining the water volume of the fish tank once, the filter material is basically washed away. ? PS: The amount of filter media washed each time cannot exceed half of the filter media in the fish tank.It is best to separate three to five batches of cleaning. One batch of cleaning is most suitable each week. Optimizing the internal water flow of the filter grid If there is a self-circulation inside the filter grid, the original water is only first-class.Since the self-circulation, part of the water will stop flowing for a longer time, and the filtration will of course be cleaner. The self-circulation method is to add a pneumatic flow.To put it simply, the principle of anti-gas lift is used to add oxygen to the bottom of the filter grid. ? The bubbles rising up and the water flowing downward form a staggered pattern.The water flow of the air column formed by the bubbles will be upward, so that it will just form a circulation. If you switch to an air disk, does the air bar have the same effect? The effect of the air plate is basically the same as that of the air head, which is a relatively concentrated air column.For gas bars and soft gas bars, if the air output is not large, it can only achieve the effect of increasing oxygen. This is obviously insufficient for the effect of self-circulation. Of course, even if you cant do the effect of self-circulation, there is also the effect of anti-gas lift. What kind of environment is each bubble stone suitable for? (1) Gas head: It is mainly suitable for filter grids under 20~30cm, and the ratio of length to width is close, such as 20*25 20*20 30*30 and the like. (2) Gas plate: suitable for relatively large filter grids, and is also square.For example, 40*40 50*50. (3) Hard gas bar: As long as the gas volume is large, this can be self-circulating.This is more suitable for rectangular filter grids, such as 30*60 wide filter grids.Due to the rectangular shape, the effect of the deflation bar will be better than that of the deflation disk or the air head, and a more even water circulation can be obtained. (4) Flexible gas bar: Because of innate conditions, it can freely adjust the shape, so the suitable range will be the widest.But the bubbles created by the air bar are more dispersed, and the force of the bubbles is often unable to achieve the effect of the air column.But the advantage is that it can achieve normal and even aeration.This will significantly improve the anti-qi lift effect of the filter grid. ? Note: No matter what kind of bubble stone, as long as we achieve uniform conditions, the effect will definitely be there. The above are some of my small cautions. They are all small improvements. The effect is often surprisingly good.Understand the principles and understand why this is more important than anything.Of course, it is a good thing and I hope you can share it with more fish friends, thank you.
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