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  A fish that has only arrived at home for a day, such a state and performance!========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  A0.Pet it pet Yuyu said: beautiful
14436 Yuyou said: raise so many good fish
Grade problem Yuyou said: This one is really beautiful
Rui Shigen Yu You said:
Guo Baizai Yuyou said: Its almost.beautiful
Guangzhou Ahzhi Yuyou said: Beautiful!
Fanfan, please take my knees
See the dragon in the field, Yuyou said: play Luo you first in Beijing
Looks like an old friend
Eleven Lin Yuyu said: beautiful!Where can I buy it?
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Ingot fish and parrot fish, which is better,
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How to keep parrot fish red^
Common diseases of red ingot parrot fish(
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Red ingot parrotfish juvenile*


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Snail breeding

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