Be cautious in fishing

Many aquarists have fish problems.The first thing that comes to mind is fishing out for individual treatment.The idea is very good, and the results may be very fast.But this method also has big problems.First, it depends on the size of the fish and the size of the space.The fish is too big and the fish tank is not particularly large.Unless the fish is seriously ill and loses a lot of energy.This situation must be caught.If the eating activity is normal, the body is full of energy.Dont fish!Once a big fish is injured or shocked, a stress response will accelerate death.Second, to determine the cause and injury, you can usually recover in the tank. Some infections should be treated in isolation.This situation is mostly caused by cross infection of new fish.Third, there must be suitable tools.A fish-loving man will not easily fish out.Healthy fish is relatively skinny.If it is not good, it will cause harm.After all, most people are fish tanks.Not a fish pond.Mucus is distributed on the surface of the fish.The fishing process will make them lose a lot.Healthy fish will secrete new ones for a while.If it is not healthy enough, the process is very slow.Some are easily parasitized by some insects at the places where mucus is lost.Treatment is necessary, but dont be too irritable, the fish is afraid of tossing.Many are not sick.You are tossing to death.Especially some born timid.No trouble will die.Some timid stress responses are particularly intense.A little bit mad.Not to mention fishing it.Such fish have to be eliminated, but many fine products also have this problem.We can only bear it!Be cautious in fishing Yanbao Food (Yuanbao Phoenix Fish Feed)

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  Rand 168 Say: Study, haha ~!
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Yuyou willing to wei009 Say: learned.
Yuyou Akamatsu Say: Without trust, there is more nervousness
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Learned, thanks for sharing
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Yuyou yyf carp Say: Good article, deep enough.Fish farming is risky, and fish fishing requires caution.
The first acquaintance of fish friends Koi Say: Well summed up, novices often cant breathe!Dont give the fish time to adjust itself!Thanks for sharing
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