Help me choose it gods

Im going to get one of them to help you choose which one is better in the video
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Its good to write in white.
Suifeng q7cvB Comment: Big two
plh0827 Comment: Thank you for sharing, appreciate it!!
Datu Dad Comment: Is this bought at the fishery or online?
Little Fortune Comment: Big
Shengying couple Comments: The fish price in the video is 150
Ling Feng next door Comment: The Showa with the smallest prefix
鱼鱼人004 Comments: How much silver round
Rain of the Tanabata Comment: The two with the same price
What kind of fish is suitable for 60 tank(
Five tiger fish and ten polyculture%
Which saury is the longest/
What kind of fish can the piranha be polycultured with?^
What type of aquatic fish belongs to.
Lohan fish life)


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Pair Golden Ctiger fish chartersobra Sna

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