Everybody show this dragon



Everybody show this dragon

After raising the dragon for the first time. After finally standing on the scales and cutting off the tail, it has finally recovered, and the color of the three large scales has not fallen out.
I always think it doesnt look like its over the back, or do I have to continue to learn about arowana ah ha ha ha
Let me show you a few questions
1 is over
2What should I pay attention to in the breeding environment now?
3 When selling, the seller said it was a gold bottom. Why is the scale blue now?
4Want to ask about the scales that everyone has dropped. It happens to be the scales on the waterline. Can the scales grow out of the waterline?Thank you all for your old age
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  Look at everyone.

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Red date wolfberry milk says: top not visible
wubo1020 said: Oh, sorry, one gem.

Everybody show this dragon Brief introductionMajor Ye Family said: I cant pass it on my back
wxl says:
yanyi1314 said: The possibility of a high back is a bit greater, it is impossible to estimate
Focus on participation: who sells your fish!!Find him!!!
Ostrich c5 says: good gem
Typing.Say: How old is this fish.I disagree with the gems mentioned above!!At least a B too.Look at the performance of Pearl Scale during the raising period.Tell me how much to buy.
Typing.Say: Hong is very beautiful,

  Hong is very beautiful,

  I disagree with gems!!最少也是个B过。。在养段时间看看珠鳞的表现吧。多少钱买的你告诉我下。。





说: 虹很漂亮、、




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