Zebra duckbillNourishing fish for many years later



Zebra duckbillNourishing fish for many years later

Just starting to raise fish, I will be fascinated, watching fish neighboring fish every day, plus a lot of fish friends in various groups, all day to night is a fish, and go home when I go home, I have to top fish.Seeing others to raise the fish itchy, it is necessary to upgrade, buy it, sell it, buy it, toss, all kinds of filter materials, etc., salted fish is also a frequent visit to see if you can see it.Its so tossing, and I started to calm down for a few years, and I even want to go to the shore, and Im not willing to give up, and many fish who have killed and killed.When I finally got up, I would like to be simple, but I have always insisted that it is now interested in hobbies.

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Zebra duckbillNourishing fish for many years later Brazilian Asiatic Fish

  Happy bird 008


   It is very uncommon.
Fish friend junior small fish


   Will white cylinders red?
Fish friends Lucas Exhibition


   I dont believe, unless you raise it, I wish you a big more red.
Fish friends, Beijing Yining


   The old iron said is right, it will be accurate, it will not pursue the quantity!
Fish friends Guangzhou Zhongji car loan


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My humbke rars mama boomzzzzz!!!



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    Can swallows be mixed with cichlid?^