Keep aquarium fish beautiful and profitable



Keep aquarium fish beautiful and profitable

"Aquarium fish is pleasing to the eye because of its distinctive shape, scarcity and profound culture.This pavilion not only exhibits various tropical ornamental fish introduced and hatched in the park, but also displays the hatching technology and breeding culture of ornamental fish in the form of pictures and texts."Zheng Mingxuan told reporters that this "humanistic landscape" that combines science and fun organically attracts many tourists who come to visit and visit.

  Recently, the reporter walked into Beihuaidian Village, Beihuaidian Town, Ninghe District, Tianjin. Cao Guizhi, a 31-year-old villager, was feeding fish and changing water at home.Two batches of 20,000 parrot fry will be put on the market in 3 months.

  Beihuaidian Town, Ninghe District, Tianjin, is an important part of the National Ancient Coast Wetland Reserve "Qilihai".The Harmonious Rongda Urban Fishery Demonstration Park is located in the northwest corner of Beihuaidian Village. The demonstration area covers an area of more than 200 acres with a total investment of 2.6.5 billion yuan, divided into five major functional areas: boutique breeding area, famous product breeding area, R&D service area, fish culture display area and ecological sightseeing area.

  Reading Tip: In recent years, ornamental fish have become more and more popular in the market.As one of the three domestic distribution centers for ornamental fish, Tianjin has established a team of experts and technical services through leading enterprises, established an industry-university-research consortium, optimized and refined ornamental fish source innovation and breeding incubation, and popularized and promoted aquaculture and leisure tourism.Integrate development and drive farmers to get rich together.

  Looking from the huge glass window of the exhibition hall, it is full of stacked hatching fish tanks, with a total of 15,000.According to reports, this is currently the largest three-dimensional factory workshop for small and medium-sized tropical ornamental fish in the north, with a total investment of 40 million yuan.Utilizing advanced technologies such as overall battery drainage and automatic temperature control, 500,000 seedlings can be produced per day.

  Entering the scientific research exhibition hall of the Harmonious Rongda Urban Fisheries Demonstration Park, I saw a variety of ornamental fish cultured under the glass floor; the fish tank inlaid in the wall resembles a black and white crown of black and white diamonds scattered on the disc on a black background.There are also dragon eyes with eyes almost bulging outside.The silver-white dragon, phoenix and koi are Feng Shui fish. One can sell for about 2,000 yuan, and there are rare giant fish that are several meters long. The price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan.

  The enterprise expert group has jointly controlled the growth period of stingrays through joint research and development with the Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences.Zheng Mingxuan said: "It pays attention to many aspects such as fish structure, habits, water quality and feed.Stingrays reproductive period was difficult to quantify before. Sometimes a nest is 15 days, and sometimes it is not two months.We control by breeding, and now we can guarantee that on average, aluminum car glass will produce one litter every 15 days.At present, there are very few domestic fish farms that can regularly hatch stingrays.Stingrays are like butterflies in the water when they mate, so they are very ornamental."

  Since 2014, the demonstration area has mainly carried out ornamental fish incubation, through the introduction of famous, excellent and expensive species such as koi and silver dragons from Southeast Asian countries, and the implementation of landing conversion for sale.Zheng Mingxuan, chairman of Tianjin Harmony Rongda Industrial Co., Ltd., said: "Aquarium fish belongs to the luxury industry abroad. The species of fish we have introduced currently involve more than 30 species, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.Especially for the precious varieties, there is no regular production, and it is difficult to achieve the normal industrial chain through artificial breeding, so we continue to explore during the incubation process."

  It is understood that the companys turnover reached 1.200 million yuan, the benefit exceeds 30%.With the continuous construction of the urban fishery demonstration area, the annual hatchability of ornamental fish will be realized in the future 1.500 million, sales revenue exceeded 300 million yuan.Here will be built into the largest tropical ornamental fish hatchery in the north and an international-level urban fishery technology exchange center.

  Tang Zipeng, the manager of the Groups brand development department, introduced that Tianjin Qiushui Yuyue Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, has built an aquarium portal website and innovated the three-station integration model of "video + forum + mall" to hold the first China MicroalgaeThe summit forum spreads healthy and fashionable aquarium culture through popular science.

  Cao Guizhi told reporters that in the past 4 people in the family had 5 mu of land.Compared to farming, the income from fish farming is now nearly 10,000 yuan more per year.Now, in addition to feeding fish and observing water quality every day, he can still farm land and do odd jobs.He sighed: "An increase in the source of income, fish farming can also calm the mind."In Beihuaidian Town, demonstration fishery cooperatives like Cao Guizhi have grown from more than 60 households last year to more than 100 households this year.The ornamental fish “joint agriculture and lead farmers" targeted poverty alleviation and broadened the income-increasing channels of local farmers.

  In Tianjin Modern Chenhui Technology Group, which breeds goldfish and koi, two cold-water ornamental fishes, the company develops its business around the entire aquarium industry chain and innovates the development model of ornamental fish one-two-three industry integration.In Dabai Street, Baodi District, Tianjin, the Group invested in the construction of aquatic cultural and creative industrial park in Baodi District.Zhai Shengli said, "This rural complex of 3,000 acres of "agriculture + cultural tourism + community" will become the largest trade center for ornamental fish in the north, further advancing the innovative development of leisure fisheries.After the completion of the park, it is expected to produce 300 million ornamental fishes, 60 million high-quality ornamental fishes and 120,000 fine ornamental fishes each year, which will promote the upgrading of 50,000 acres and 2,000 farmers in Baodi District."

  According to the "Tianjin Fishery One, Two, Three Industry Integration Development Implementation Plan", Tianjin will vigorously promote the construction of modern fisheries and implement the "large and strong project of leading enterprises", focusing on the development of freshwater fish culture, ornamental fish culture and three-dimensional ecological breeding, with ""Leading companies + family farms", "Leading companies + cooperatives" and other models took the lead in piloting, driving farmers to carry out specialized, standardized, large-scale and intensive production.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Tianjin will build the largest ornamental fish hatchery in the north.

  At the Tianjin Yuzhiyue Ornamental Fish Farming Cooperative under the Tianjin Modern Chenhui Technology Group, the cooperative has now been recognized as a demonstration of Baodi Districts scientific and technological precision aided ornamental fish farming.集团董事长翟胜利介绍说:“我们按照‘公司+科研院校+合作社+农户’的模式,进行鱼苗繁育、分拣、




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成鱼回收,最大限度地降低养殖户的风险,Let it benefit farmers.The cooperative has 108 members, which has radiated more than 500 households and 7,000 acres of ornamental fish ponds, and directly placed 50 rural laborers for employment.50,000 yuan, an annual increase of 70,000 yuan per household.”

  A beautiful koi carp, a brightly patterned stingray, and a red parrotfish. Entering the harmonious Rongda Urban Fishery Demonstration Area in Beihuaidian Town, Ninghe County, Tianjin City, all kinds of ornamental fish are dazzling.The landscape in the aquarium is not only dreamlike, but these rare and beautifully ornamented fish species are also expensive.Today, the cultivation of ornamental fish has become an important focus of Tianjins fishery transformation and upgrading and integration development.

  In the past six months, the first wave of 50,000 parrot fry hatched in Cao Guizhis family has been recovered at a high price by Tianjin Harmony Rongda Industrial Co., Ltd. Excluding the more than 30,000 yuan spent on the early purchase of fish tanks, he has made a total of 10,000 yuan in profits.According to reports, in order to encourage ornamental fish farming to drive poverty alleviation and increase income, Beihuaidian Town innovated the service mode of "joint farming and leading farmers". The initial costs of farming are shared by the government, enterprises and farmers. The enterprises provide fish fry, feed, equipment systems and technologies for farmersstand by.

  Zheng Mingxuan said with a smile that ornamental fish farming in China is based on the "local approach" of intergenerational inheritance. The company has an expert group of more than 10 people. Each member is an expert who has been engaged in the industry for more than 30 years and has rich experience.In order to better develop ornamental fish species, the company strengthened the combination of production, education and research. Since 2015, it has cooperated with Tianjin Agricultural College, Taiwan Pingtung University of Science and Technology, and Kaohsiung University of Marine Science and Technology to build aquarium technology exchange centers across the Taiwan Strait.

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