Zebra duckbillA series of aquaculture picture treatment and disease treatment--Aquarium fish disease



Zebra duckbillA series of aquaculture picture treatment and disease treatment--Aquarium fish disease picture prevention and treatment

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  Zhan Jiazhi, Anhui Province, senior engineer, graduated from the Faculty of Aquaculture, Huazhong Agricultural University in 1995, specializing in famous aquatic products.Since working, he has been working on the first line of production and has rich experience in production practice.From 2000 to 2006, he was editor and deputy editor of Beijing Fisheries Magazine.Since 2006, he has worked as a deputy director and senior engineer in the local agricultural committee. He mainly instructs local special aquaculture, especially river crabs, freshwater crayfish, spotted catfish, imitation ecological turtles, and high-yield and efficient farming techniques in ponds.

  第一章观赏鱼疾病防治的前提——正确了解观赏鱼疾病的基础知识 1一、观赏鱼病发生的规律2二、观赏鱼疾病发生的原因3三、观赏鱼生病的异常表现24第二章观赏鱼疾病的防治 32一、观赏鱼疾病的预防措施32二、Zebra duckbill加强科学饲养管理33第三章科学用药 46一、药物选用的基本前提46二、辨别药物的线三、按规定的剂量和疗程用药48四、科学计算用药量49五、观赏鱼病常用治疗方法51第四章观赏鱼疾病的诊断及防治方法 59第一节病毒性疾病的诊断及防治方法 59一、鲤春病毒病59二、痘疮病63三、出血病65第二节细菌性疾病的诊断与防治方法 69一、细菌性败血症69二、溃疡病72三、疖疮病74四、竖鳞病75五、皮肤发炎充血病79六、打印病81七、出血Sexual putrefaction 84, enteritis 86, nine, crotch rot, 88, perforation, 91, fin rot, 94, black death, 96, 33, black spot 97治疗方法 98一、眼球出血症98二、白内障病99三、眼球突出病101四、眼球下垂症102五、

Blue-backed Arowana

蒙眼症104第四节原生动物性疾病的诊断与防治方法 106一、淡水小瓜Phytophthora infestans 106 II, marine melon worm infestation 109 III, oblique tubeworm infestation 1114, trichomoniasis in invaders 113 in 5, oyster worm infestation 115 in 6, myxosporosis in infestations in 118, taeniasis in invaders in 1908, iodine worm disease121第五节真菌性疾病的诊断与防治方法 123一、打粉病123二、水霉病125第六节蠕虫性疾病的诊断与防治方法 129一、指环虫病129二、三代虫病131三、嗜子宫线第七节鳃部疾病的诊断与防治方法 135一、原生动物性烂鳃病135二、黏细菌性烂鳃病137第八节甲壳性疾病的诊断与防治方法 140一、中华鳋病140二、锚头鳋病142三、鲺病144四、鱼蛭病146五、钩介幼虫病147第九节非寄生性疾病的诊断与防治方法 149一、感冒和冻伤149二、


中暑与闷缸150三、气泡病152四、机械损伤155五、意外中毒158第十节营养性疾病诊断与防治方法 160一、营养缺乏症类160二、鱼鳔失调病162三、厌食症164四、萎瘪病165五、跑马病166六、脊柱弯曲168七、肛门肿胀169八、


腹水病170九、咬尾病171十、鱼鳞蛀蚀172附录水产品用药的配伍禁忌 173参考文献 176

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  This book focuses on the treatment of various common ornamental fish diseases and some of the new ornamental fish diseases that have emerged in recent years. Each fish disease starts from the etiology, disease characteristics, epidemic characteristics, hazards, preventive measures and treatment methods, which is convenient for reading., And easy to use.In order to facilitate readers and friends to follow the pictures, better grasp the skills of diagnosis and treatment, this book is equipped with a large number of color pictures to make the content more substantial, more practical, and more rigorous.This book is for reference for the majority of ornamental fish farmers.

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  The first-line aquatic production senior engineers devoted their dedication to science, practicality, and close to the actual production needs. Common ornamental fish and common diseases are all included, as well as new and frequent diseases in recent years, focusing on green prevention and control, prevention is more important than cure.

Zebra duckbillA series of aquaculture picture treatment and disease treatment--Aquarium fish disease Blue-backed Arowana

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