Thin frame red dragon fish About Red Dragon scale films you think it so important to you?



Thin frame red dragon fish About Red Dragon scale films you think it so important to you?

Hello everyone, Im Li & Fung Achi we have a love for the Red Dragon, so we gathered here where we share together, learn, communicate raising arowana just personal preference, but out of love if a arowana aquarists are raised up from about 20 red dragon, red arowana is not difficult to find the first performance of the position is part of its gill covers, from sewing to spread out in the shop.A fish gill covers performance has become the benchmark for hair color begins, whether hair color is more tangled mind aquarists point, but before the red or yellow to the naked eye can see, perhaps you did not notice scaly green Variety. This is also a lot of fish to my friends here to see the fish, I talk to them a problem. That expressive and easy to ignore the first performance, are red, green, black, white four parts alignment see! Red: the gill cover the whole hair color does not show when aquarists fish in the election process, this location is the naked eye can see the performance, but also a sign of arowana is about hair color. Many aquarists but easy to overlook the performance of this process, the blind to see the blind do not know where the purpose, but this piece of green film will generally begin to show around 25 centimeters, thereby forming a further color changing hair color process.Of course, I called color changing, does not refer to the attached sheet, but the transition from green to red or yellow. Black: Most arowanas chromogenic area is then point to the sheet surface of this process, the red dot in this region is to position the area is about to be formed by the sheet even point. Green; the whole circle arowana players even if you are a novice might not hard to hear a word about arowana performance: her cheeks, and I think it is her cheeks of most of its peers fish is actually not full, dragon fish full standards are not connected to a large area together even if the full. Note the figure on green position in this position, to say the vast majority of the market is full of fish in this position and there is no color, so in a real sense, such a fish is not to her cheeks.The green circle in color if there is, is the assessment of whether a fish called her cheeks standards, not to mention full of words you!!! White: Another said that if you pick is a 20 cm fish, not the green performance, you should pay attention to this stage of the fish gill cover a thick layer of foundation will be wrapped carefully in a reflective position see, one can see a slightly different color, a thicker layer of powdered. This performance is not enough in the scales of less than a manifestation of thick hair color, and this powder through natural growth and the proper rearing will soon turn green. For her cheeks still want to say a few words, I can clearly say that not much can be achieved fish, aquarists do not deliberately to put in the time to choose the fish, Im going to her cheeks of a fish. Otherwise you will raise a disappointing one.Fun fish are completely absent

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Thin frame red dragon fish About Red Dragon scale films you think it so important to you? Silver Edition Fish
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