The bottom filter is too big What else can God teach?



The bottom filter is too big What else can God teach?

The bottom filter is too big What else can God teach? Stingray

  Suddenly I like Lanshou goldfish. After half a month of research, I decided to buy a fish tank I like, and just open the tank without raising the water. While opening the tank and raising the water, the bottom filter is too large, such a small tank, this filter, II think its perfect, the main tank of 60*40*35, . mine is the first compartment of wet and dry separation + biochemical cotton + bacteria house, the third compartment is also a bacteria house, but it is just a ball, the second compartment does not knowWhatever you put, there is a little bit of it, and the fourth grid can actually be used for filtering materials. What can the great god teach me to do?Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  leepriest Yuyou said: The bacteria house is recommended to be placed upright
Xiaobai learning stage Yuyou said: The landlord, I would like to ask how high is the overall height of your integrated fish tank?
Pioneer Goldfish (Pans Goldfish) 18648 Yuyou said: no need, enough
liang2 Yuyou said: How much does this tank cost?
Im so sorry Yuyu said: Where did you buy this wallpaper?
Xiaobais learning stage Yuyou said: The landlord, I like your fish tank very much. Where did you order it?What size is the bottom filter?
Father Chenchen, Yuyou said: Where did you buy it?
Chen Bigheart Yuyou said: One cylinder is not bad
Blissful fish friend: add a small hiding place
Caring and patient fish friend: it should be the problem of the filtration system
BJZ fish friend: it"s OK. Don"t make a fuss
chengyi_ 3 Yuyou: first of all, I"m not an expert, just a little experience
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Can the water purifier raise red arowana#
Best11wolf fish friend: conform to nature. It"s best not to drive for 24 hours


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Albino Sliver

will stingrays paddle tail grow back?

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