Egypt home 20 days

Egypt home 20 days StingrayThe wild little Egypt arrived home for 20 days, and did not see too obvious changes. After 20 days, it was not sick, and there was mild water mildew. It was solved by heating up. I ate the brine shrimp several times a day.
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Dajian exabZ Yuyou said: Is it okay to feed only brine shrimp?
Yu Heng Yuyou said: Little Egypt is beautiful
Blessing Youyou Yuyu said: How much is a small wild Egypt?
Invincible Xiao Acai
Maxima 2669 Yuyou said: Not bad
Look. Huaner, Yuyou said: Play together, give up what to do
Anange, the water curtain Yuyu said: two small aliens, one blue-eyed violet, one rat spot
The water curtain Anang brother Yuyou said: Originally, there were 11 rat fish, and the rat fish in the colorful tank were also removed yesterday.Intend to give up the colorful, concentrate on playing Egypt
Red dragon is not a dream fish friend: arowana can be cultivated like home, quite powerful. Dive swine more such as Yi Han xi, rainbow xi, Xi Rui Xi good. The living are like the stars.
Sell blood raise arowana fish friend: not also, but to tomorrow first no food a day, after a solar eclipse is can! gill
Ornamental fish
Sell blood raise arowana fish friend: super value !!!

long beach aquarium groupon

square aquarium for sale

Sell blood raise arowana friends: repeat! The top! :
Sell blood raise arowana fish friend: however, help top! o
Arowana I also love a fish friend: beautiful
Deng4 Fish friend: The price is clear


Anyone can help to identify this Cichlid

Big Short Body ST

Is 10mm glass strong enough to support 5

Need help to id..

Red Eye, White Seed, Yellow Flower and Yinlong


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