How to play Maoming Ocean Park

You can see a viewing pavilion after walking a section of Muqiao Road.The three-story observation pavilion allows people to have a birds-eye view of the entire ocean park, and you can see a lot of sea fields during the dry season.

  The next road is the red sand road.Although it is still under construction, bright red flowers and lush green leaves, woods, and characteristic conch stone tablets have begun to take shape.

  Maoming, a marine city with characteristics.Maoming has many classic attractions.There are also many free attractions.What parks do locals go to?Shuidongwan Ocean Park is one of the free and distinctive Maoming Dianbai Parks. In the current season, there are many crabs on the beach. Children are particularly curious and like to watch.Lets see how to play Maoming Ocean Park.

How to play Maoming Ocean Park Colorful Arowagolden arowana sandalwoodna

  Go straight to the wooden bridge.On both sides is the seawater in the dry season, and there are two rows of trees like trees.During the dry season, you can also see many crabs crawling on the beach and sand. The children are particularly happy and staring at each crab with special curiosity.
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