War Game: Red Dragons Game Guide



War Game: Red Dragons Game Guide

3. The range is greater than the firepower and accuracy. If your offensive troops are always destroyed by seemingly weak troops, it is because you are too close, and bombard them outside their range.

  5. The principle of using the air force is: fast-in and fast-out.Dont be superstitious about air superiority fighters. Air dominance often means a perfect air defense network on the ground.Use air control helicopters to deal with helicopters.

  9. For infantry suitable for fire attack, select anti-armored infantry fighting vehicles equipped with infantry for coordinated combat.Make good use of artillery to clear deep targets, use smoke bombs to shield the sight of fixed targets, quickly seize favorable defensive positions after the war, and organize the navy to seize coastal resource points behind the enemy.After sending out reconnaissance troops to figure out the enemys offensive route and superior arms, they will organize support troops accordingly.It is good at analyzing terrain. The terrain with large depth and narrow area is stable and stable. Two to three roads in the left, center and right cover each other to open the gap.The shallow, deep and wide terrain terrain defenses contain the enemys firepower, and the side roads detour to occupy the enemys rear.

War Game: Red Dragons Game Guide 24k Golden Arowana
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