Stingray Ask you about reproduction



Stingray Ask you about reproduction

I have a 35cm rainbow fish. I have 2 questions 1: What kind of fish does this fish belong to? pearl?black gold? Meeks?Tricolor? 2: If you want to breed, what kind of male fish should you find? pearl?black gold?Crown?Heidi?Tricolor? Could you please let me know
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Ha ha ha ha ha ha Comments: Starry pearls We have a pair of fish shops on this side that sell 1500 early sale
Pan Yang Comment: The stars may not be easy to find!Good quality prices are not low!I only really have
Younger brother Comments: good-looking mainly, some friends said to look for stars and pearls
Partial mouth fish comment: good
Longer Obedient Comment: I feel this is tricolor
kulou0723 Comment: dont understand
Pan Yang Comment: The path of improvement is pure blood.
Xiaoqiang Fishing 8 Comments: It should come from pearls.
Continue writing ↖001 Comment: Pearl
Hansa Stingray Kerry Comment: Reply @大鹏司令: Saw
Must the arowana feed the shrimp*
Arowana was suddenly violent and bumped
Do you need to peel the shrimp arowana?%
Arowana, how about shrimp?/
Arowana and shrimp polyculture:
Arowana eats live prawns with shell(
Arowana feeding live shrimp$
Arowana is a whole shrimp,


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