Piscilla hairy There are small bugs on the wall of the cylinder



Piscilla hairy There are small bugs on the wall of the cylinder

Various bugs popped out of the tank.A few days ago, there were small particles of white bugs crawling around, and today I found this long white bug. A general reason is summed up, the wood is cooked and the potassium permanganate is soaked.There can be no parasites. The aquatic plants were bought by the aquarium shop, just one plant. It is unlikely to carry so many bugs. There is also this tank of pebbles.Although it was brushed twice, it was not disinfected.The possibility of 80/100 is brought in by the stone. Summary: Everything in the tank must be sterilized and exterminated. Which big guy has good suggestions on how to deal with these bugs![peifu]Thanks!Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
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Piscilla hairy There are small bugs on the wall of the cylinder Little fish233521073 review: Protein bug
Hanxing Yuyou Comment: Protein bugs, the water is too fat, please fill in the arowana, blanched the filter with boiling water, and change the water
Autumn Wind Shao001 Comment: Only protein bugs
Sanhu Tongsheng Comment: All right
Uncle Zhi Comment: Protein Worm Buy a few larger Manlongs and change the water by the way The water is old
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    Arowana was soaked by potassium permanganate$